Recent articles

While I have been quite busy writing in recent months, I have fallen way behind on posting content that I’ve written for on my blog. Here is a list of my articles since my last post on May 2014:

Dec. 4 — Hopes for Bipartisanship Dim, Save One Key Issue:

Nov. 18 — Nonprofits, Like Ethics, Rely on Your Support:

Oct. 10 — Quick-To-Criticize Society Needs Dose of Grace:

Oct. 2 — Global Christians Call Attention to Human Trafficking on Freedom Sunday:

Sept. 24 — Early Church Offers Important Evangelism Lessons:

Aug. 29 — Connecting God’s Kingdom to Your Daily Labors:

Aug. 18 — Are Sports’ Salaries, Environmental Impact Out of Touch?:–cms-22065

Aug. 1 — Passion, Realism Necessary in Working for Social Justice:

July 17 — Individual, Church Initiatives Can Change Climate Trends:

July 2 — Following God’s Dream Often Leads to Persecution:

June 20 — The Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Foods:

June 10 — Choosing What’s Right Rather Than What’s Expedient:

May 23 — Offering Pastoral Comfort, Prophetic Witness on Memorial Day:


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