Epiphany Signals the Coming Light of God’s Justice

No matter how bright or dark this past year has been, a new year brings the light of a wide-open future.This is a time of year when we all sense that we have a clean slate – a feeling expressed in our resolutions to do or to be something different, something better in the year ahead.On Jan. 6 – or the Sunday prior to this date – we remember the coming of the magi to pay homage to Jesus on “Epiphany Sunday.”

Most generally, epiphany means “appearance” or “manifestation,” but it has been further defined as “an intuitive grasp of reality usually through a simple or striking occurrence.”

This expanded definition provides us insight into the celebration of Christmas, where a simple, commonplace event like the birth of a child provides us a new grasp of reality and a light of hope for a better future.

Read more of my article on EthicsDaily.com: http://www.ethicsdaily.com/epiphany-signals-the-coming-light-of-gods-justice-cms-21410


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