“Your Choice: Engaged with Risk or Disengaged with Safety”

My latest article on EthicsDaily.com reflects on the risk of engagement and the safety of disengagement, seeking to encourage people to follow the way of Jesus by engaging with risk.

Article excerpt:

Someone once said, “To love is to suffer; and to love much is to suffer much.” With a minor tweak, this can serve as a wonderful summation of incarnation. “To love is to risk; and to love much is to risk much.”

Incarnate, engaged love is risky because it refuses to remain aloof, distant and safe. It chooses to be engaged with and in the world as a life-giving, life-changing and life-sustaining presence and power.

–Read more here: http://ethicsdaily.com/your-choice-engaged-with-risk-or-disengaged-with-safety-cms-21136


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