“‘Just Peacemaking” Proponent Advocates for “Just War” Reflection

“On Tuesday, Sept. 3, Robert Parham’s editorial focused on the rules of “Just War” as a needed lens through which to interpret and make decisions regarding Syrian intervention. These rules offer ‘high moral hurdles to cross,’ Parham noted. ‘Yet better to cross them than to rush into war.’

Those who are advocates of ‘Just War’ ought to join their voices with Parham’s in calling the leadership of the United States to consider these standards before acting. Even if you do not believe war or violence of any kind can ever earn the label ‘just,’ these rules can provide a framework for urging those with the power to enact war to further reflection.

Some may see this as a call to compromise one’s principals, but I do not believe it to be so.”

–Read more in: “‘Just Peacemaking’ Proponent Advocates for ‘Just War’ Reflection” by Zach Dawes



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