“5 Guides for Constructive Conversation with Your Opponents”

My most recent EthicsDaily.com article offers practical suggestions for how to engage those with whom you disagree in a manner that will allow you to understand one another, find common ground on which to work for the common good, and disagree agreeably.

Here is an excerpt:

“Far too often, opposing individuals, groups or organizations engage in unhealthy dialogue due to unhelpful presuppositions about one another. In fact, constructive dialogue is a near impossibility if each side brings negative presuppositions and attitudes toward the other.

Due to pejorative presuppositions, we either dismiss our opponents by refusing to put forth any effort to understand their views and reasons for holding them, or we engage our opponents in an unhealthy, unhelpful manner that only seeks to denigrate their perspectives.”

You can read the whole article here.


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