Huffington Post: “Religious and Spiritual Leaders Offer Hope for 2013” by Paul Brandeis Raushenbush

Raushenbush, Senior Religion Editor for the Huffington Post, finds hope for 2013 in people of faith working to bridge divides in their personal and communal relationships.

He provides several quotes from faith leaders voiced in the past year, and hopes they will “inspire [us] as they have inspired [him].”

We need more people of faith to becomes ambassadors of reconciliation.  What this looks like and means is really up to the individual and the collective community, but wherever it is manifest it brings people together to work for the common good of all.

Whatever differences may exist between people of one faith tradition and another, between people within a faith tradition and/or between people of faith and those of no faith, a ministry of reconciliation seeks to find areas of common ground (however minimal it may be) in order to labor together to make the world a better place. has produced two documentaries on interfaith cooperation that will inspire you and give you ideas regarding enacting a ministry of reconciliation.

A full-text of Raushenbush’s article can be found here:


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