USA Today Opinion: “What About Massacres in Inner Cities” by DeWayne Wickman

In this December 31 opinion piece, Wickman shares his New Year’s resolution: “to give the relentless slaughter in many of this nation’s inner cities the same kind of high-profile attention that the massacre of schoolchildren in Newtown, Conn., generated.”

Having noted the broad expressions of grief and anger in the wake of the Newtown shootings, Wickman focuses on gun-related violence in Chicago to ask two questions:

1)  Why has this tragedy received more media attention and a more broad response than the gun-related deaths of 260 school children living in inner-city Chicago over the past three years?

2)  Why has this tragedy been grieved nationally while 500 gun-related murders in Chicago in 2012 have not?

Without doing the research, I can only assume that the frequency of gun-related violence found in Chicago’s inner-city is replicated (to a certain extent) in large metropolitan areas across our nation.

Thus, with Wickman, I hope “that as the nation clamors for a political response to the carnage in Newtown, there is opportunity to broaden the discussion to include this nation’s urban killing fields.”

The full-text of Wickman’s article can be found here:


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