Huffington Post Article: “Chile Enacts Landmark Fishing Reforms, Protects All Seamounts” by Ted Danson and Andrew Sharpless

Danson and Sharpless detail recent legislation enacted by the Chilean government in an effort to protect their seamounts (underwater ecosystems) and to regulate a previously unregulated fishing industry.

By enacting these new regulations “Chile became the first country in the world to protect all of its seamounts from bottom trawling, a destructive practice that can reduce centuries-old coral gardens to rubble in moments,” reports Danson and Sharpless.

This is an important step for a nation that relies on its commercial fishing industry as an essential part of its economy.  Hopefully other nations with currently unregulated fishing practices will see the positive results of this new legislation.

There are not only environmental benefits, but financial and economic benefits as well, because, as the writers note, “when this approach is embraced it usually works to the advantage of fishing fleets, ending the boom and bust cycle of overfishing and actually increasing the yields of their fisheries.”

The full-text of the Danson-Sharpless article can be found here:


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