CNN Opinion Piece: “The Challenge of Hope in Les Miserables” by Danielle Elizabeth Tumminio

Danielle Elizabeth Tumminio draws on the story of Hugo’s “Les Miserables” as she addresses the difficult, but world-changing power, of offering hope to those around us.

“Would I donate all my church’s wealth if I knew it would change a life?”  Tumminio asks. “Would I give all I had if I knew it would save another? It’s what I’m called to do, but could I do it?”

After noting the difficulty and challenge of enacting hope in the world, Tumminio suggests that “if we are to inch slowly toward a healthier, more peaceful world, then we cannot forget that hope is not always easy or convenient and that exercising it can be challenging, heartbreaking even. But it is necessary.”

“Les Miserables,” as the writer suggests, offers us a clear picture of “the challenge of hope,” while inspiring us to remember that acts of love, kindness, grace, compassion and forgiveness hold the power and possibility of birthing hope in our lives and in our world.

May we, as individuals, as nations and as a global community, take the message of “Les Miserables” to heart by seeking to manifest hope in our world, because, as Tumminio suggests, “we can be beacons…of hope. But this will only happen if we try.”

The full-text of Tumminio’s article can be found here:


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