The Guardian Article: “Newtown kids v Yemenis and Pakistanis: what explains the disparate reactions?” by Glenn Greenwald

In a lengthy article, published on December 19 in the U.K.’s The Guardian, Glenn Greenwald addresses the disparate reactions in America to the deaths of children in the Newtown, CT shootings and to the deaths of children in the Middle East due to U.S. drone strikes.

Greenwald notes that “it is a natural and probably universal human inclination to care more about violence that seems to threaten us personally than violence that does not”–it is, he says, simply part of being human–but he asserts that “one should strive to see the world and prioritize injustices free of pure self-interest” and “our capacity to liberate ourselves from pure self-interest means that it does not excuse this indifference.”

Readers likely will not agree with everything the article sets forth; yet it is worth persisting through any negative emotions is arouses because it raises some difficult, but important questions that should be deeply and thoughtfully reflected upon.


The full-text of Greenwald’s article can be found here:


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