“Addressing Violent Video Games after Sandy Hook” by Michael Helms

Questioning the contribution of violent video games to the U.S.’s culture of violence, Michael Helms suggests that  “we have gotten to a point in our society where violence is not only packaged and sold; it is celebrated as welcomed entertainment.”

As our nation engages in a time of self-reflection following this tragedy, Helms encourages us to consider three important questions:

  • “How do we as a society become less obsessed with violence?”
  • “How do we replace this obsession with an obsession to help others, even when there is great cost to us personally?”
  • “How do we take technology and use it to teach our children to do something loving and kind instead of doing something violent and destructive?”

This is a helpful contribution to the discussion of contributing factors to the United State’s culture of violence that should be reflected upon in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

The full-text of Helm’s column can be found on his website: http://johnmichaelhelms.com/?p=1743

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