USA Today Report: “Mass killings occur in USA once every two weeks” by Meghan Hoyer and Brad Heath

Based on data obtained from the FBI from 2006 to 2010, and using the FBI’s definition of a “mass killing” as four (4) or more persons killed in a single incident, Hoyer and Heath report that “mass killers target Americans once every two weeks on average, in attacks that range from robberies to horrific public shooting sprees.”

This (and similar) reports should be considered in the conversations and actions related to gun control reform in this nation, while both sides should recognize that such reports can be received very differently depending on one’s presuppositions.

Therefore, this (and similar) reports should not be used as a “proof text” for either side’s current position, but should be analyzed and discussed for their contribution to a better understanding of violent crimes in the United States in order to find the best (and most workable) solutions to make violent crimes and mass killings less probable.

The full-text of Hoyer’s and Heath’s report can be found here:


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