Huffington Post Article: “Real Minutemen, Rise Up!” by Gary Hart

Hart cuts through the rhetoric about gun control reform.  He asserts that though “it is not realistic to expect a gun-less America,” we should strive to restrict private citizens from being able to purchase assault weapons.

He rightly critiques the NRA for using the dues of many members who see it as an organization that defends the rights of hunters and sportmen/women to lobby against any and all gun restrictions and to create a fearful, paranoid base.

Those who are pushing for gun control reform need to be clear about what they are seeking.  Despite what their opponents believe, most “gun control reformers” are not calling for a ban on private ownership of guns, just more scrutiny of those seeking to purchase weapons and a ban on assault weapons.

Those who are pushing against gun control reform need to be clear about what they are defending.  Most are hunters and sportsmen/women, as Hart suggests, who (I imagine) believe that the argument is about weapons used for hunting and recreational shooting, when the argument is about banning assault weapons.

Some clarity and conversation between the groups would go along way toward better understanding one another and working together to find common ground and workable, practical reforms.

The full-text of Hart’s article can be found here:


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