Health Care Reform

I’ve been paying much closer attention to the news lately to keep up with the progress, details, and debates regarding health care reform.  Personally, I hope that the bill is allowed to go to debate in the Senate, and ultimately that some form of reform is passed.

What bothers me is the conservative/republican party (since, apparently, they’ve decided to divide between ultra and moderate republicans) throwing out the increased costs that will ensue.

I’m fine with them not wanting to expand the government or increase spending/costs.  That’s been the traditional republican party line.  However, republicans just before Bush left office, were fully supportive of a $350 billion stimulus package to boost the economy, and seemed initially supportive of Obama giving out more stimulus money–following Bush’s tactics (yes, some were critical, but unless you critiqued Bush’s approach it seems unfair to critique Obama’s continuation of this effort).

Personally, I don’t feel that the stimulus helped, and giving the money to the banks just led to more corruption and abuse, rewarding the very people who got of into this financial crisis to begin with.  But I digress.

As I said, I’m getting increasingly annoyed by the Republicans protests of the bill based on the increased the costs when they and the Bush administration passed the aforementioned stimulus and also drastically increased the deficit to fund military actions in other countries.  Say what you will–that it’s protecting America’s overseas interests, that it’s protecting America from terrorists, that it’s advancing democracy and freedom–the military/defense budget last year was nearly $1 trillion and the DAILY cost of the war in Iraq is estimated at over $700 billion dollars.

So, it appears that republicans believe it is OK to increase spending to fund the destruction of human lives–American citizens and the citizens of other countries too.  It is OK to spend extravagently on bullets and guns and tanks and bombs.  It is OK to go into debt to fund a war.  What is not OK, by republican standards, is to increase spending to fund the building up, the healing of, and the caring for human lives.  Does anyone else see the insanity of that?  How can we be OK spending $700 billion per day to fund a war and vehemently reject a spending increase to fund an effort to provide health care for our citizens?


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